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Fresh Produce Weekly

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Sandy and Mike Considine  have  added fresh produce to the  perennial and shrub stand  at the Walkers Hardware, 7 First St. Lock Haven Location. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10AM – 4PM & Sat. 8AM – 3PM.

Sandy will be shopping for the best produce she can buy every week with the goal of providing you a higher quality product than found in local grocery stores at a better price.

When the produce is “in-season” we will sell locally grown items, for “out of season” produce  we will purchase the best quality available… we will not sell junk!

We will be posting new items as we have them for sale. Please use the sign-up  form on the right to be notified automatically by email when we add items.

We will also have homemade baked goods made by Sandy and Tara available on Thursday and Friday.  Woopie pies, fruit pies, sweet breads, cookies and cookie bars are just the beginning.    So stay up to date from this site.

We are also pleased to announce a brand new program we are calling “In-Season Freshness in A-Box” Please get more information from the In-Season Freshness in A-Box page now

You will not want to miss out on this opportunity for your family to eat fresh every week. We take the hassle out of your weekly shopping trip.

Considine Farmers Market Launches Freshness in A-box

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We have been talking about this for a year, and after surveying some of our customers we are finally ready to move forward.

The “Freshness in A-Box” program will be offered starting 7/10/11 and our online order form is now available on our Freshness in A-Box page along with a video explaining the program and how it works.

Please go there now and let us know what you think.

Last Week at The Produce Tent is a Fairytale

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It took us all fall, but we finally got our hands on some Fairytale pumpkins, these unique ornamental pumpkins are not only beautiful but they are also eatable.

We now have these pumpkins at the stand, and some weigh well over 50 lbs.

They are gorgeous, deeply ribbed and range in hue from green to orange and they will last well past Thanksgiving.

Come visit us on our last week, we will have fresh baked goods everyday starting Wednesday with pumpkin whoopee pies, oatmeal scotchies,  pumpkin bread, toffee, fresh hot sticky buns , fresh backed white bread, banana bread, orange cranberry bread, walnut chocolate cookies.

We will have apple dumplings and more the rest of the weeks.

Fresh apple cider by the gallon and the ½ gallon, it always sells out fast.

I want to thank all of you for your patronage over the last six months, and because of all of you we have some big plans for next year already.

Next year’s perennials are already planted and in the greenhouse, and I will post them on the website soon, so that you can see what we’ll have.

Also we have a surprise for anyone that signs up for updates at the blog… we have decided to have a drawing once per month starting in May and give away a “In Season Freshness In a Box”

The thing is you need to be on our update list to have your name put into the drawing, so sign-up now while you are thinking about it so that you qualify.

You must live within 30 miles of Lock Haven, or be willing to pick-up your prize at out tent at Walker’s hardware.

How Much Freshness Will $30.00 Buy?

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Last week John placed an order with us and I wanted to show you what he got for just $30.00.

Keep in mind that John ordered this exact amount of each item as shown on the sign, this is not an example of our new “In-Season Freshness In A-Box” product.

The In-Season Freshness in A-Box would include more of a variety of products, and you can get more information by clicking here

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