In-Season Freshness In A-Box

Sandy and I are always looking for the best ways to bring our customers the highest quality, largest selection, freshest produce available at the lowest prices possible. This is why we are excited to launch our “Freshness In A-Box” program. Sandy explains the new program in the video below.

One of the problems we have when purchasing fresh produce, is we are required to buy each item in a large enough quantity to get the best price.    With our standard of freshness this restricts us to only buying what we think we can sell. Sandy won’t sell what she wouldn’t buy for our family.

This has an effect of limiting the selection of produce we have at any given time… We truly think as our customer base grows we will be able to expand our selection and that is why we launched “Freshness In A-Box”

How It Works

Our customers can now order weekly a box of fresh produce like the one pictured on this page that will include an assortment of the best fresh  produce we purchase that week.  Each box will also include a  homemade baked good which could  include fresh baked cast-iron skillet bread,  sometimes farm fresh eggs, herbs and recipes for some of the vegetables. Variety, convenience and the looking forward to each weeks box is what we want to share with you.

Our goal is to have 10 to 20 people join the “Freshness In A-Box” program. Orders are taken by Sunday of each week, and we will have your order ready on Thursday. You may order one box a week or for the whole month, which ever way you choose the boxes need to be prepaid using one of the paypal payment options below.

Having between 10 to 20 sales each week will allow us to provide a very nice selection of fresh products.

Each week the boxes picked up at the tent will cost $20.00 plus $1.00 for payment processing fees and I can guarantee you will get more than your moneys worth and be very happy with the selection.

We also offer delivery service to local (Lock Haven, Mill Hall, Avis) work locations for just $25.00 per box , but we will waive the $4.00 delivery fee if we have 5 or more boxes going to the same location, so tell a friend and save.

Sorry This Program is no Longer Available at This Time