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Homemade PVC Greenhouse Polytunnel

Written by admin

Our homemade polytunnel the morning after a nasty storm. Just finished building and planting the week before memorial day. Approximate cost to construct is around 0, depending how frugal you are. In real life, the greenhouse is 10′ x 16′ and very spacious, the vid makes it feel much smaller than it is. Notice the use of rainwater and solar lighting. Comments/ideas are welcome.

Posted in: Lean To Greenhouses

  1. tarheelblau

    I would like to build a similar greenhouse. This is gorgeous! Are you willing to share how you did this? Thanks!

  2. mikenewmanphone

    that thing is perfect

  3. twodeadpoets

    Very nice job on the greenhouse. I tried a poly tunnel but failed and resorted to conventional construction, Now I wish I had seen your video first, lol!

  4. pocket83

    Thank you for the compliments ;)
    I learned some things during the process as well, especially the importance of actual greenhouse plastic. In this vid, the plastic is the regular 6 mil stuff, which became like newspaper before the summer had ended.
    By the way, I have another video of this polyhouse/greentunnel that is much better quality.

  5. wmkk808

    your work is absolutely incredible, the aesthetics looks very well planned out. amazing… :)

  6. UnitedFarmersOrg

    Amazing! More Please!

  7. crsbt

    wow thats a great job you have done
    i want one.

  8. gunsfishand4x4

    so awesome

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