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Colorado Aquaponics Greenhouse #5 – February, 2010

Written by admin

This is the fifth installment in our monthly series of videos showing the progress of our greenhouse that is growing everything using aquaponics. The plants are growing swimingly!

Posted in: Lean To Greenhouses

  1. SynMcN

    Looking good! Thanx for sharing :-)

  2. ZombieGreaser501

    Wow, didn’t know the Tilapia could bark!

  3. SleestaksRule

    I can hear the Tilapia bark too!

    What are the temps outside? and inside? What are you doing for heat?

    Do the nutrient levels show up on an EC meter?

    I tested water from a murky part of our lake which I assumed would be loaded with nutrients and came up as 0 on my meter.

    I guess I have more to learn about this method.

  4. slywoman1

    Yes, bit it is usually only when they are hungry. Temps outside are Colorado cold, and inside are as low as 65 during the day and 55 at night. We use a gas heater. No EC meter used in aquaponics – no dissolved salts so you won’t get a reading, which is what triggers EC. Good luck with your project.

  5. slywoman1

    only when they are hungry!!

  6. cantfunkit

    Hi system looks like its running great! Please could you tell me if there is any other nutrients required in the aquaponic system?

  7. slywoman1

    No other nutrients at all…. just lovely fish poop

  8. wwwBeeHappyus

    “how often does your fertilizer greet you in the morning?” best freind would surely have turned that into a poop joke ,but i’ll just leave it alone…very nice system…do u heat the greenhouse at all or just have alot of sunny days in winter?thanks

  9. wwwBeeHappyus

    nevermind the heat question i read the post-thanks….enjoy all that homegrown food..peace

  10. ezjensen

    do you plant your seeds directly into the hydroton? or do you use the woven lava squares?

  11. aquaponicgardening

    @ezjensen I posted something to this question in the January video, but here it is again – Sometimes I plant them directly – usually when they are small seeds that germinate easily. I wrote a blog post about this at The Aquaponic Gardening Blog called Starting Seeds in and For Aquaponics (Youtube won’t let me post links). Hope this´╗┐ helps!

  12. AmyLuthien

    @ZombieGreaser501 LOL!

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