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I want to build a greenhouse using metal studs and clear corrugated roof panels. Has anyone done this before?

Written by admin

Im not a carpenter but I think the greenhouse is a post and rafter style or gable style. The measurements are 6ft wide by 8ft long and 8ft tall in the center. Im trying to make it as cheap as possible but also sturdy so im using materials from Lowes. At lowes are 96"x26" clear corrugated roof panels for a piece and metal studs for framing. Im wondering if anyone else hase done this before. If so would you share your materials list and some plans of the greenhouse. I would appreciate any comments or concerns, thank you.

Posted in: Cheap Greenhouses

  1. Matty T

    hi there. i have been researching and blogging on the topic of building a greenhouse and at least on an amateur scale I have not come across of people using steel studs frequently… i guess for the obvious reason of rusting. I would say that the zinc coating would scale up after a while rust at the spot welds. If you were gun ho on having a steel frame, i would be super fussy on the coating, esspecially at the welds.

  2. claygal

    Using metal for a green house is not the best choice as the metal will rust. Try looking at prices for PVC pipe or wood. Think about what is going to be your floor, gravel works best. You will need to have a vent or window to allow excess heat to escape. Plus something to heat it when the temps are low.Good luck

  3. Henry H

    Hello you are on the right track some things to think about air circulating on each end put in a fan or some way to move the air and build your planting beds about one foot from the sides of your wall buy a cheap storm door for your entrance I think I would go with a Rafter style I have built a lot of building the way your are talking about good for you go for it good luck

  4. Walt

    How about this idea, Lot`s cheaper. This is pretty good and fast to make and a hell of a lot better than steel studs, and a lot cheaper.I have built 3 of them and they hold up in the winter snows as well. We use them to bbq in winter.

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